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Customers Rides

Troy Sellars Unlimited Street East record holder 6.14 @ 120 mph 1/8.


The first set of thing fenders sold. Installed.


David's new shop project.


Eric from Knoxville.
2.5 fronts and 1.25 rear fenders.

Robert Hughes 73 super.
2.5 wider than stock front fenders and 1.25 rears.


Stock hood installed and painted.



Super from GA.


Donald Hoods car.

Tom from So Cal.

owners are James May and Blake May

I only use C.C.C. parts. Your parts fit perfect. I bought my doors, front and
 rear fenders, hood, CF Dash and CF Running boards .

PS. Do you offer carbon fiber door panels?
 Black Mamba Racing

Ucho Rivera's Car

Roger's turbo beetle from Australia



Joe Cali's beetle

Lanell Robinson's 73 super

TheGoodVolks Michigan 1971 Super





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