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Welcome to the Fantastic  Page Template for FrontPage 98 & 2000. 

This page template will work correctly in FrontPage 98 and FrontPage 2000.
However, when editing this template please note that FrontPage 2000 adds 2 pixel transparent area to all the Components (Banner, Navigation bar, Hit Counter, Frontlook Applets etc.). FrontPage 98 does not.  

Why Bill, @#%*#!  why?

This is a Microsoft documented FrontPage 2000 "bug"

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Please visit here to see what you can do to this theme by adding text to the extra graphics.  You can do it right here in FrontPage by clicking on the graphic and then selecting  A (add text) from the image editing toolbar below. (tutorial). You can even use the graphic as a background picture in a table set to the same size as the graphic.  Then you can type your text straight into the table.
You can also add a Frontlook Applet

Please Note: As with most of my themes, this theme is 3D, therefore it uses drop shadows, so you can not use any other color background than white. 

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Very Important 

It's very difficult to get a theme such as Fantastic to work within both IE and Netscape browsers.  Basically what works in one browser doesn't necessarily work in the other, especially table content.  

I had a Hell of a job getting this theme to work in FrontPage 98 and 2000 and both browsers.  It has been thoroughly tested and I GUARANTEE that it will work for you too so long as you only change the page's content and DO NOT remove any of the FrontPage Components (Banner, Navigation bar, Hit Counter, Frontlook Applets etc.) or graphics.  

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bulletExtra Graphics:
bulletThis theme has a extra graphic that looks like it's part of the banner and the vertical navigation bar that allows you to insert your own logo by importing it into your favorite graphics program. 
If you think that's to hard then why not add your own text by using the image editing tools in FrontPage (tutorial).

I made this Page Template because this is a fairly complicated theme.

Please Note: The Left vertical navigation bar and extra graphics are placed inside a table that is set to 100% height so as it stretches to the length of this page.  This only happens when viewed with the Internet Explorer browser.  Netscape doesn't provide this feature.  Yet. 
If you don't like this feature then simply turn off the table's height properties. . 

Please Note: The comments that are highlighted in yellow don't show when previewed in a browser.

How to add a page to this web. 

You will notice that there is no banner and buttons, just writing.
This is because we haven't saved,  or added our new page to the navigation structure yet. 

Now save the new page and type in the File Name as newpage.htm and type in the Page Title as New Page (you can name these anything you want).

Open the Navigation View by clicking the Navigation button on the toolbar to the left.  Then drag newpage.htm from the side panel into the main window and connect and drop it at your desired navigation level.  

That's all there is to it.  

I have made a detailed tutorial (FrontPage 98) with pictures and all on how to add new pages to the navigation structure.  It's available here

Now double click on "New Page" in the navigation view and this will open and refresh the page in the main window.   
You will now see that the banner says "New Page" and all the buttons, including the one named "New Page" (if you placed it on the same level as another page) has been added to the navigation bar too. 

If you double click on the vertical navigation bar to the left you will see that I have set it at "Same Level", "Vertical" and "Buttons".  

Please note: This page template uses tables instead of Shared borders.
I simply turned the borders off by choosing Format and then Shared borders and un checking the left, top and bottom borders, and check "For this page only". 

I then inserted a table with the page banner, top level navigation bar and all their associated extra graphics placed into it.
Then beneath this I inserted a 2 column table with no borders and aligned to the left and placed a same level navigation bar and the extra graphics into another table which is inserted into the left table cell and the page's content is placed in the right cell.

Refer to the tutorials here if you need some help .

This page template has been thoroughly tested to work properly with both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator versions 4 and higher browsers.   

Please go here for additional Support

Paul Vineburg


For the hit counter to work you must save or cut and paste this graphic   into this web's main directory (folder), do not put it into the images folder. (unless you change the directory path in the hit counter's properties box eg.  images\fancounter.gif) 

Hit Counter




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